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I am Gaia



Creator of Very Sleepy People

An author and dream interpreter with a passion for blending ancient Greek mythology and modern insights to explore the profound meanings of dreams. With a background in psychology and years of studying mythological and spiritual narratives, I offer a unique perspective on deciphering the messages hidden in our subconscious.

In my blog, “Very Sleepy People,” I create a sanctuary for those seeking respite and understanding. Amidst a palette of earthy tones and ethereal visuals, I invite readers to delve into the mysteries of their slumber. My work is dedicated to helping you improve your sleep quality, connect with nature’s serene rhythms, and unlock the wisdom within your dreams.

Join me on this enlightening journey, and together we’ll explore the transformative power of dreams. Let’s awaken the deep-seated knowledge that resides in each of us, guided by the timeless stories of the gods and the modern science of dream interpretation.

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